A different way to accelerate

The Coalition welcomes all qualified Black founders to register their company with the Studio. There is no fee or equity charge to participate. The Studio is open to startups in any industry or vertical. Registrations are accepted on a rolling basis.

We have designed the Studio to help startups of all sizes improve their product, develop their brand, identify partnerships, and raise capital.

All registered startups receive:

  • Inclusion

    We will build and maintain a directory of Black-founded or led startups based on proprietary research, referrals from ecosystem partners, and inbound interest which will be shared with Coalition Partners to assess collaboration and investment opportunities.

  • Consideration

    We will review all registered startups on an ongoing basis to identify potential matches for paid opportunities with R/GA clients and partners, such as digital projects, technology services, marketing campaigns, pilots, and procurement services.

  • Education

    We will produce content and events on topics of interest to Coalition-registered startups as well as Coalition Partners and their extended networks. We will also offer curated access to content and events organized by Coalition Partners.

Selected startups receive:

  • Creative

    R/GA will offer access, free of charge, to customized R/GA teams providing consulting, strategy, technology, design, copywriting, and business development to support each startup’s growth objectives.

  • Relationship

    We give startups exposure and access to R/GA’s global client network and industry-spanning corporate partners. These organizations participate in our programs as mentors, advisors, pilot partners, customers, and investors.

  • Financial

    We may offer financial capital from an investment vehicle seeded and managed by R/GA Ventures. We will also offer curated introductions to Coalition investing partners who have agreed to review startups matched to their investing interests.


  1. 01

    Majority Black-owned and/or CEO, CTO, Board Chair

  2. 02

    We highly encourage female founders to apply

  3. 03

    Startups from pre-Seed through Series C

  4. 04

    Operating primarily in the United States

  5. 05

    Building a tech-enabled product or service that can scale

  6. 06

    Alignment with our mission to create a more human future