Coalition for black entrepreneurs

Introducing the Coalition Venture Studio

An ongoing initiative designed to support Black founders with expertise, resources, funding, connections, and education.

Why "Coalition"?

Despite research consistently showing that more diverse startup teams outperform less diverse teams, in 2019 only 1% of venture capital was allocated to Black entrepreneurs, with a fraction of that capital deployed to Black female entrepreneurs.

We believe that in order to begin to level the playing field, support long-term success by underrepresented entrepreneurs, and address the wealth gap, like-minded organizations and individuals must work together -- hence “Coalition.”

So, R/GA Ventures is partnering with startup ecosystem players including VCs, CVCs, corporations, brands, and other organizations to build a robust support system for Black founders.

Studio Objectives

  • Action

    Activate and apply R/GA’s strategy, technology, and design resources to support Black entrepreneurs

  • Connection

    Leverage R/GA’s global client network to connect founders to potential customers, investors, advisors, and partners

  • Collaboration

    Partner with industry leaders and investors who will provide business development opportunities, financial capital, and mentorship

  • Impact

    Develop tangible outputs and deliverables that drive business outcomes and enable sustained success

Powered by R/GA Ventures

At R/GA Ventures, our mission is to work with startups and corporate partners to create a more human future. 

We help corporate partners identify and capitalize on disruptive technologies and emerging behaviors, while supporting startups with financial, creative, and relationship capital to drive growth and returns.

We believe that R/GA Ventures can best contribute to a more equitable startup ecosystem by providing Black startup founders with access to our venture capital, our creative capital, and our network of corporate partners and clients.

Our Growing Partner Set

IPGLos Angeles DodgersSilicon Valley BankSoftBankGingerbread CapitalHarlem CapitalElysian ParkBackstage CapitalMaC Venture CapitalCollab Capitala16zJumpstart NovaOpportunity HubMinority Entrepreneurship Institute Davis Wright TremaineMerus Capital


  • Davyeon Ross, Entrepreneur-in-Residence, R/GA Ventures
    Davyeon Ross
    R/GA Ventures

    A long-time collaborator of R/GA Ventures from his work as the Co-Founder and President of ShotTracker, Davyeon will join the Coalition Venture Studio as the Entrepreneur-in-Residence. 

    As a portfolio company founder, Davyeon experienced firsthand R/GA's unique approach to innovation and startup investing, with a structure and process to identify and work with the best startups across any vertical, globally.